“Swimming” lengthens and strengthens the spine as well as improves the muscles helpful in maintaining good posture. It is especially necessary for those of us who spend many hours sitting on a daily basis. Try this exercise 3-5x a week for 3-10 repetitions and you’ll both see & feel the difference in no time!

Set-Up: small area on the floor on carpet or a mat Lie on your stomach with legs about hip-width apart and arms reaching overhead, keeping shoulders down.


***engage core up into spine & tuck your “tail” under ***float 1 leg off the floor and the opposite arm off the floor ***hold hover for 2-3 seconds, then set arm & leg down ***repeat by switching the floating leg and arm



***repeat the set-up ***engage core up into spine & tuck your “tail” under ***float your head (reaching long) and all limbs off the floor ***keeping all limbs off the floor, lift opposite arm & leg slightly higher & switch quickly maintaining a contraction in your abs



***repeat the set-up & steps for intermediate and challenge the work by balancing on a bosu while performing the exercise

PRO TIP: This exercise is more about the length than the height.




If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 972.576.7337 or https://reformandride.com/contact/.

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