The “100”

THE “100”

The “100” is considered a staple in the Pilates repertoire and foundational exercise in the Mat sequence. The purpose is a dynamic warm-up of the body, increased circulation & strengthening of the deep abdominal muscles.

Try this exercise 3-5x a week and you’ll both see & feel the difference in no time!

Set-Up: All you need is a small area on the floor on the carpet or a mat
***relax your head & neck on the floor
***float your knees in tabletop position
***float your arms off the floor & reach long
***begin by pumping the arms vigorously 6-8 inches while you inhale for a count of 5 breaths & exhale for a count of 5 breathes for a total of 100 breaths
***repeat the set & steps for beginner and use your abs to curl your chin to your chest (as if holding an apple under your chin), gazing at your navel
***repeat the set & steps for intermediate and extend your legs to a 45-degree angle
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 972.576.7337 or

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